Gangrel Rises Again At AEW Double Or Nothing, Helps Adam Copeland Retain TNT Title

Two members of The Brood reunited at Double or Nothing and Gangrel helped Adam Copeland retain his TNT Championship by rising through the ring during Copeland's barbed wire steel cage match against Malakai Black.


The match started fast, furious, and bloody, with the men first jousting with chairs in the ring before Copeland pulled barbed wire off the cage and wrapped it around the top turnbuckle and drew first blood, cutting Black open. He was able to dodge the weapon twice, but Black got his revenge and also drew blood from the champion. Black introduced a barbed wire bat to Copeland's forehead, but also took a shot to the stomach with it. Both men scaled the cage and Black powerbombed Copeland through a table, but the champion kicked out. He hit a spear when he recovered, then wrapped Black in barbed wire around another table. Copeland climbed to the very top of the cage and hit an elbow drop onto Black to send him through the table.


Copeland also kicked Black through the door of the cage and hit a spear on the outside. Brody King and Buddy Matthews came down the ramp and pretended to side with Copeland before faking him out and getting him back in the cage. King and Matthews wrapped Copeland in barbed wire once locked back inside, before the lights in the arena flashed from black to red and Gangrel came up through the ring, spitting "blood" into the face of King. He beat down the House of Black before eating a superkick from Black.

Copeland hit a spear off the distraction while still covered in barbed wire. He wrapped more wire around Black's head before putting him in a crossface. Black didn't tap out, but passed out, and Copeland was declared the winner. With the victory, Copeland not only retained his TNT Championship, but also got his wedding ring back from the stable, and avoided having to join the House of Black.