Konnan Explains Why AEW Going Head-To-Head With WWE NXT Would Be A Bad Idea

The "Wednesday Night Wars" between "AEW Dynamite" and "WWE NXT" back in 2021, when both promotions went head-to-head, was a major throwback pro wrestling war that had many fans recalling the similarly titled "Monday Night Wars" between WWE and the now-defunct WCW. 


While AEW won most nights in terms of total viewers, former WCW star Konnan believes it would be a mistake to repeat the battle now, and explained why in a recent episode of "Keepin' It 100." While making his assessment, Konnan didn't pull any punches and advised AEW not to try it as WWE has a better product. 

"I think they should not run head-to-head against WWE, even if they're on Netflix, they're just gonna get spanked again. They [WWE] got a better product," said Konnan.

The online perception of WWE has remarkably changed since 2021, most notably due to the shift in creative since Triple H took over, which is likely why Konnan believes that AEW would be floored in a head-to-head today.

Many fans of either product want to see the shows go head-to-head, and WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry had an interesting opinion about the perceived "war" between AEW and WWE, during an appearance on Booker T's "Hall of Fame" podcast. According to the veteran, neither promotion actually wants to share a timeslot with another promotion, and stated that the only real "war" is between the segments on individual shows and to retain viewership match-to-match.


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