Mark Henry Explains Why The Real War In Wrestling Isn't WWE Vs. AEW

Since AEW's establishment in 2019, there has been talk of a battle between the Tony Khan-run company and WWE, a notion Mark Henry does not subscribe to.

The AEW talent, during his recent appearance on Booker T's "Hall of Fame" podcast, argued that there's no "war" between WWE and AEW. Instead, he added that the competition should be between segments and how each promotion can keep the audience glued to the show.

"There is no war," declared Mark Henry. "You know what the war is? The war is the ratings in your segment."

The Hall of Famer cited examples of his own segments as well as Booker T's to highlight how fans will stay on a program if it captures their attention. He also added that AEW does not want to go head-to-head with WWE, and "AEW Dynamite's" move to Tuesday was a decision made by the network, not AEW.

"Do people turn the channel to another channel when you're on? When 'Sexual Chocolate' was on, they didn't turn the channel. When 'The World's Strongest Man' was in the 'Hall of Pain,' they didn't turn the channel, and you can put me up there with some of the best. When Booker T was King Booker, they didn't turn the channel. So that's where the war is. The war is in the segments, the individuals," said Henry. "But if I'm the WWE, I don't want to be on the same night as AEW because I want all the attention. If I'm AEW, I'm not gonna move my show to a day that WWE is on unless I'm preempted. That's the whole point of AEW going to Tuesday is because we had to. It wasn't like, 'Oh, we gonna go there and pi*s in their corn flakes.'"

AEW had to move to Tuesday night for the October 10 edition of "Dynamite" due to the MLB playoffs, and in the head-to-head, "NXT" came out on top in the ratings.