WWE Star Kairi Sane Details Real-Life Origin Of 'Pirate Princess' Nickname

WWE star Kairi Sane has revealed where her nickname of the "Pirate Princess" came from. Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter), the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion explained that the idea came to her during her formative years as a university student. 


"When I was a university student, I won a sailing competition and participated in the World Championships as a representative of Japan. That's why I was given the nickname "Pirate Princess." The photo shows the sea in Bulgaria."

Sane has had various nicknames throughout her wrestling career, including the "People's Champ" and "Onnu Kiazoku" in NJPW. However, she has stuck with the "Pirate Princess" ever since being given the name in a sailing competition.


Sane has also made many of her signature and finishing moves pirate-themed. Her Insane Elbow is known as the "Seven Seas," while "Marine Spike" is the moniker given to diving double footstomp. Meanwhile, her entrance music during her first stint on "WWE NXT" was named "The Next Voyage," which was based on her original theme from Stardom, "The Last Voyage". 

Sane seemingly dropped her pirate gimmick since returning to WWE at Crown Jewel last year, where she aligned herself with Damage CTRL. Since then, she hasn't reverted to the character that many fans had been familiar with during her first run on the main roster. Both Sane and her partner Asuka of the Kabuki Warriors lost the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships to Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill at WWE Backlash last month.