Arianna Grace Describes WWE Star As 'Breath Of Fresh Air' In NXT Locker Room

Exhibiting a clear flair for the dramatic from the very beginning of her "WWE NXT" run in the 2.0 era after debuting in the 2022 Breakout Tournament, Arianna Grace has carved out a niche as "Miss NXT" in the women's locker room. But after clearly having plenty in common with fellow WWE Superstar Chelsea Green following their recent interactions during Green's "NXT" cameo run, Grace has kind words to say about the former WWE Women's Tag Team Champion.


Grace, who bonded with Green over their shared beauty pageant history on the May 7 episode of "NXT," called her "a refreshing breath of hydrated, lavender air," on a recent episode of "The Wrestling Classic."

"She was so kind," Grace said. "She's also a fellow Canadian and [maybe] Canadian girls in general might be nicer than American girls. Might not be true but so far in my experience is, yes, it is true." 

Grace's father is former WWE Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella, who recently commented on how proud he is of her for her prominence on "NXT" TV of late. While Grace and Green got along fine during that interaction, neither fared well in the ring later that night with the former losing to Michin and the latter unsuccessfully challenging NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez. But Grace sees the potential for future success between the two. 


"I would absolutely love to work with her," she declared. "She's stylish, she's funny, she's sympathetic. Someone that you can bond with and really share your emotions with is hard to come by. It felt like a true sisterhood [right away so] if we were to nourish that friendship, I'm sure that anything would be possible for us to achieve."

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