Tony Schiavone Says This AEW Veteran Wrestler 'Can Do It All'

AEW's locker room is filled with many veterans of the industry, some of whom have been in pro wrestling for decades. AEW commentator Tony Schiavone has known many of his colleagues for years and during a recent episode of "What Happened When," he singled out Jeff Jarrett and explained why "Double J" is one of the best.


Looking back at the recent pay-per-view AEW Double Or Nothing, Schiavone recalled how impressed he was by Jarrett's performance on the pre-show as a panelist.

"I guess I shouldn't have been, but I was kinda blown away [by] how versatile Jeff Jarrett is. That f**ker can do it all. He literally can do it all," said Schiavone.

He then recalled a brief conversation he had with Jarrett after the show, where he praised the veteran star. "I said [to Jarrett], 'For an old f**ker, you can certainly do everything.' And I was just blown away by -– and maybe I shouldn't have been, maybe I should have known that Jeff Jarrett can do [anything]."

Schiavone applauded RJ City for his positivity and behind-the-scenes work, as well as Renee Paquette, whom he called "the single most talented person" he ever worked with. He noted how well RJ City and Paquette worked with Jarrett. "When they threw Jeff Jarrett in, and Jeff was just ... I thought they did a masterful job and I even let him know that. Man, I said, 'For an old f**ker, you can just about do anything in wrestling.' Wrestle, talk, hell he could probably run a camera or two if needed."


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