Rob Van Dam Opens Up About Relationship With Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has opened up about his relationship with former AEW analyst and scout Mark Henry, stating that the "World's Strongest Man" is someone he considers as a friend today. On his podcast "1 Of A Kind," Van Dam complimented Henry for being approachable backstage in AEW throughout the occasional times he's wrestled for Tony Khan and explained how there's never a dull moment as they always find a way to make each other laugh. 


"He's a really good guy, he's always been super cool to me and he's very nice. He's always been like a fan, been very complimentary of me. He mostly, I think when I'm with him we're mostly laughing, like I'm trying to make him laugh or he's telling stories or he's yeah talking about something that happened with me before and it's making him laugh. But he's a good guy and usually when I'm around him, it's funny, you know he's laughing doing his belly laugh and he's someone that I definitely consider a friend — someone on my side for sure."

Van Dam and Henry spent nearly six years together in WWE between 2001 and 2007, only wrestling each other once in one-one-one competition. However, they have been able to maintain their friendship throughout the years. That said, they won't see each other the next time RVD visits AEW, as Henry opted not to renew his contract with Tony Khan's promotion. "The "World's Strongest Man" explained that, although he's proud of what he's accomplished in AEW, he wants to take time to focus on as well as his ReMarkable brand. 


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