Eric Bischoff Comments On WWE Continuing PPV Following Owen Hart's Death

Should Vince McMahon have stopped the show when Owen Hart fell to his death at WWE Over the Edge 1999? It's one of wrestling's enduring questions that fans and pundits continue to debate to this day. According to Eric Bischoff — who would've been in a position to make that decision under comparable circumstances as WCW's executive — he also would've let the show go on.


"I agreed with what Vince did," Bischoff said on "83 Weeks." "As cold as that sounds, I likely would've done the same thing."

When pressed by co-host Conrad Thompson if he really thought he could continue a wrestling show with full knowledge that one of his talent had died participating in it, Bischoff seemed to backpedal a bit. 

"It's not just my decision," Bischoff added. "There's a whole lot of other people that are involved, from talent, some even in production... A whole roster of guys in the locker room that had a personal relationship. So it's not about whether I want to do it... It's, okay, if I make that decision, how am I going to effectively rally everybody else that may not agree with me? That's the decision as much as is it the ethical or moral thing to do."


Sting did similar scary stunts from the rafters in WCW around this time period. According Bischoff, the decision to continue doing them was ultimately left up to Sting.

"Everybody had issues with it," Bischoff said. "We talked through it, starting from the top down. 'Sting, how do you feel?' Let's dig in and figure this out. If Steve Borden would've said, 'You know, I'm just not comfortable doing it anymore.' That's the end of the conversation... [but] Steve and I talked through it, and Steve agreed that he was comfortable."