Half-Hour Wrestling Sitcom In The Works At FX

Between the seven hours of WWE programming, the five hours of AEW programming, and all of the other wrestling companies that have managed to get themselves television deals, there looks to be another TV show on the horizon based on the world of pro wrestling.


According to "Fightful Select," a pitch was recently sold to the FX network of having a half-hour sitcom based on pro wrestling. The show, which has yet to be given a name, is said to be set in the Los Angeles independent scene, with the direction of the show being a cross between the 2008 drama "The Wrestler" and the 1993 stoner comedy "Dazed and Confused."

Luke Hawx, who has balanced his life as a wrestler and actor over the last decade working as a consultant for the show "Heelz," is reportedly set to be a part of the project. Aside from wrestling movies and shows, Hawx has also landed roles in "The Fast and The Furious" and "Logan." He previously worked for the NWA as recently as 2022 and has wrestled several dark and squash matches in WWE. Many other wrestlers are set to be involved in the project with a strong incentive to use real wrestlers for the show as it will be set in the modern day.


"Fightful" also spoke to Adair Cole, who was involved in adapting the 2011 film "Warrior" into an upcoming series on Paramount+. As a lifelong wrestling fan, Cole is very excited about getting the project off the ground. Cole also revealed that he will be attending GCW's Hit Em Up event in Los Angeles on June 15, where he will be happy to interact with anyone with questions about the project.