Eric Bischoff Says This AEW Star Has 'Stunk Up The Joint' For A Month And A Half

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff has offered his opinion on Mercedes Mone in AEW, who he hasn't been too impressed with, despite her prominent position within the company.

During a recent edition of the "83 Weeks" podcast, Bischoff reviewed the AEW TBS Championship match between Mercedes Mone and Willow Nightingale, where Mone was crowned the new champion. Co-host Conrad Thompson suggested that the air may have been taken out of the MGM Grand Garden Arena when Nightingale lost as fans seemed to want her to retain her title. However, Bischoff stated that it had more to do with the fact that AEW hasn't done a good job in presenting Mone.


"She's stunk up the joint for the last month and a half," Bischoff said, reiterating that it has nothing to do with Mone's talent as he feels she proved herself during her time in WWE. "It's how she was being presented and how she was used and it sucked. I mean, they just drained her of value every time she grabbed a microphone. She became less and less interesting, and less important." 

Bischoff admitted he understood the idea of AEW not putting Mone in a match right away as the company wanted to build anticipation for her first match, and have a story going into her in-ring debut. However, he believes that her promos haven't done her any favors. "They should have never let her talk," Bischoff said. "I mean that was just a huge mistake. She cannot cut a promo, she should never be allowed until she gets the skillset to do it, and the confidence to do it well. She shouldn't talk, it hurts her more than it helps her, I don't understand how nobody saw that."


Please credit "83 Weeks" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.