Video: AEW's Learning Tree, Chris Jericho, Touts Success Of TV Time Segment

Chris Jericho has yet again reinvented himself in AEW, and his gimmick seems to be a response to the criticism he's been receiving in online spaces. During the May 29 edition of "AEW Dynamite," Jericho had a segment that was a callback to his WWE talk show segments, albeit with obviously cheap-looking props.


In a video he shared on X, Jericho thanked all his fans and claimed that his segment was the second highest rated of the show again. "That's four out of six weeks where the Learning Tree segment was one of the highest rated on the show, and that's pretty cool, thanks to you guys! I also want to thank the Bad Apple, Brian Keith, for joining the Redwood tonight in the Jericho Vortex."

He then gave a daily lesson, urging his fans to "make haste, not waste" which he seemed pretty proud to share. He then explained that he'll be receiving more segments on "Dynamite" going forward. "I'm probably going to be on the show more than a lot of the younger guys who aren't quite delivering the numbers right now. But that's okay, they'll learn! And more Chris Jericho, and more Learning Tree is better for Dynamite, it's better for you, and — more importantly — it's better for me."


Jericho then revealed that he was personally invited to a recent Rolling Stones concert, where he'll continue to share his message. "Anyways, guys, keep smiling and remember The Learning Tree is here for you! Let's all join the Jericho Vortex together! Bye guys. Thanks guys. Thank you!" 

The veteran's latest gimmick seems to be receiving more praise online, with many appreciating how obviously fake it all is. However, time will tell if the angle plays out to something impressive or not.