Latest Wyatt 6 QR Code Teaser Features Firefly Funhouse Puppets, WWE Raw Talk

Once again, an episode of WWE programming was interrupted by a QR code from Uncle Howdy, and this time, it promises to do so yet again later tonight. The familiar glitch flickered during the Sheamus/Ludwig Kaiser match, sending followers to a landing page at (with that slug an anagram for "Firefly Fun House"), and all sorts of links, hidden or otherwise, to more and more mysterious content.


Of the straightforward links, the last one may prove most fruitful in the short term, with a link entitled, "interupption.jpg" showing a scrambled photo of "Raw Talk" hosts Sam Roberts and Megan Morant alon with the text "see you tonight." Others include a video titled "Preparing for a Massacre" filled with instructions and ending with the familiar image of a veiled figure, a link to the "hacked" version of with the "71enuj" slug in its URL hinting at a June 17 debut, poetry and images from a journal presumed to be Uncle Howdy's, a rehash of one of the other landing pages from a previous episode, and a wav file that, when played backwards, says, "Cave will be no more. The end of all things. A massacre is coming. Run and hide. Run and hide. Run and hide."


Some of the more obscure material included an "ad blocked" icon in the top right corner that, when clicked, brings up a gif advertisement for Ramblin' Rabbit Bohemian Breakfast Spread, with "Yowie Wowie" positioned as a tag line along with "Available at finer retailers near you!" Additionally, there is hidden text at the bottom of the page, "vXT3gPef8zo," which, when Googled, leads to a results page led by this YouTube clip of a "Gyre & Gimble Masterclass" episode called "Bringing a Puppet To Life."