Why WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair Isn't A Fan Of Squash Matches

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has explained why he was not a fan of squash matches in his career, asserting that such matches didn't help him or his opponent.

Flair, during his recent appearance on "Busted Open," stated that he preferred to have long matches with all of his opponents, to help build not only his but his opponent's credibility as well. Tommy Dreamer, who was a guest on the show, highlighted how Flair played a role in getting several of his opponents over and made them look great in the ring. The comment prompted "The Nature Boy" to explain why he was never keen on squashing his opponents, adding how wrestlers can't do much in two minutes.


"I just don't ... I've never felt that squashing somebody — I don't know what you can accomplish in two minutes," Flair began. "A Bruiser Brody, that type of personality, that type of size and strength, and that aggressive [makes sense for him to squash his opponents] ... I just didn't see a guy my size being able to just crush somebody in two minutes [made sense]."

Flair added that if he was bigger he could have possibly considered squashing his opponents as it would've been more believable. "If I was 6'5" and 300 [pounds], no problem. But I was basically an average-sized guy," said Flair.

The Hall of Famer stated that it made sense for him to have a 6- or 7-minute match with opponents who could work in the ring, rather than squash them. He added that by having longer matches, he showcased both his and his opponents' skills in the ring. Flair revealed that he had argued with several bookers about his decision not to squash any of his opponents. He also appreciated his opponents for helping grow his credibility in the eyes of the fans.