Video: Oro Mensah Attacks Ethan Page After WWE NXT Goes Off The Air

Ethan Page is the hot new thing in "WWE NXT," and while he has his sights set on the NXT Championship, he also has a target on his own back, especially considering his backstage assaults in recent weeks. Oro Mensah got a modicum of revenge after this week's "NXT" went off the air, attacking Page following Page's staredown with NXT Champion Trick Williams. A number of referees and WWE security were forced to break up the two men, who quarreled intensely once Mensah fired off the opening shot. 


Page is set to face Williams at this Sunday's Battleground event in the UFC Apex venue in Las Vegas, NV. Mensah was a victim of an attack weeks ago, as well as his Meta-Four colleague Noam Dar, which many assumed had been perpetrated by Williams, until Page revealed himself as the attacker. Page officially signed with NXT only minutes before the attack, as the former free agent's NXT Title match had been contingent on ending his drawn-out contract negotiations with NXT General Manager Ava.

Page had been signed with AEW since 2021, before departing the company earlier this year. Page's debut had coincided with the NXT debut of TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, leading some to wonder if Page had returned to TNA where he'd been the company's longest-reigning tag team champion alongside Josh Alexander, as NXT and TNA seem to have something of a working relationship at present, before his status as a newly-signed WWE star was revealed.