Trick Williams Discusses Effects Of WWE Star CM Punk's Presence In NXT

NXT Champion Trick Williams has opened up about WWE star CM Punk's influence backstage in "WWE NXT," stating that he's been a "blessing" to those who have been able to make time to learn from him. Even though Punk's return to the ring is still uncertain after suffering a tricep injury at the Royal Rumble in January, he has been very active in contributing to "NXT" as a mentor to several young talents. Speaking with "Adrian Hernandez," Williams shared his appreciation for Punk, explaining that he's been a useful presence in the locker room, and stating that the audience would thank Punk if they knew how helpful he's been in developing talent in "NXT."


"Mentor is a perfect way to put it, man. He has been a blessing for all of us who would take the time to actually go talk to him and reach out to him. He's helped me with a few things that I feel like, if the crowd knew about it, they would be very grateful that he did. I'll just leave it there. Shoutout to CM Punk. He's been a positive light for all of us here in "NXT."

Senior VP of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels has also spoken about Punk's presence in "NXT," explaining that he's provided a "unique perspective" backstage and has been very supportive of the product.

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