Drew McIntyre Has A Warning For CM Punk Regarding WWE Clash At The Castle

Drew McIntyre is looking to right a pair of wrongs when he challenges Damian Priest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland, on June 15. First, McIntyre looks to avenge his previous UK pay-per-view loss against Roman Reigns, owing to the interference of Solo Sikoa. But it's also an attempt at avenging his WrestleMania 40 loss to Priest, who cashed in Money in the Bank to win the title after an attack on McIntyre by CM Punk. During an interview with "Cultaholic," McIntyre warned Punk not to follow up on his 'Mania efforts in his home nation. 


"I think it would be a mistake for a number of reasons after what happened last time at Clash, I really do not want something like that to happen again to the UK," he said. "This is Glasgow ... This is Scotland, this is different. I would strongly suggest not getting involved or doing anything to rock that boat during the show as there's a genuine chance you'll get jumped. I'm not even joking. And there's a genuine chance the security guard won't stop them because they're Scottish as well." In case it wasn't clear, McIntyre re-affirmed that even WWE security would take issue with Punk's interference, "I'm telling you, there's a good chance you'll get jumped and security will help jump you if you get involved in my match." 


What McIntyre neglects to mention in his warning is that he wasn't entirely blameless in the scuffle with Punk. Mere moments after dethroning Seth Rollins to capture the World Heavyweight Title to open the Sunday show, the champion fixated on his arch-nemesis, parading the title in his face. Punk retaliated, dropping McIntyre from the announcer's table and then with a shot with his arm-brace. Priest seized that opportunity to cash in Money in the Bank.