Tommy Dreamer Calls This AEW Star One Of The 'Most Unique' Babyface's He's Seen

AEW star MJF has been showered with praise since establishing himself as a singles act, and according to Tommy Dreamer, the former AEW World Champion is one of the most unique babyfaces he's ever seen.


MJF cut a promo on this week's "AEW Dynamite," which Dreamer found interesting and explained why this reminded him of the late "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Dreamer explained that Piper as a heel was one of the best, but his babyface runs were unique because he would say whatever he wanted, something that he feels the AEW star does today.

"He insults the crowd, he puts himself over, he is so egotistical, and man, the AEW audience love him; I do too! He reminds me of when Roddy Piper was really, really peaking," said Dreamer in a recent episode of "Busted Open After Dark." "MJF sometimes has me in those same old school feels."

RUSH notably interrupted Friedman's promo, leading to the two engaging in a battle of words. Dreamer praised the former AEW World Champion for putting RUSH over, despite initially insulting him. "Just burying a guy means nothing, but he really did go out of his way to make fans remember about Rush and giving some history about Rush."


The veteran also praised RUSH for being able to hold his own in the promo, despite English being his second language, and the crowd erupting into the infamous "What?" chants. "The beauty of MJF [is] they got rid of the 'What' chants because they kept on listening to what MJF said."

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