Tony Khan Details The Audience For Whom He's Booking AEW

AEW co-owner Tony Khan had another active evening on social media last night, posting to X regarding his booking philosophy for the wrestling promotion. According to Khan, he has a very specific audience in mind when putting together shows.


"I book wrestling for the sickos because that's what I am and that's who I care about," Khan wrote.

Though it's historically been a pejorative term, the word "sicko" has taken on added context in recent years due to the prevalence of a popular meme spread across social media. The meme shows a man, wearing a shirt that says "Sickos," gazing through a window with a look of perverse joy on his face. It is often used to indicate when someone is entertained by something that may be off-putting to some others.

Khan seemed to be indicating that he books AEW with hardcore wrestling fans like himself in mind, which has been a common criticism lobbed at the promotion by some. Along with that, Khan wasn't quite done after his first post, continuing to promote his company late into the night.


"Wake up the bots and tell them that we're having fun over here in [AEW]," Khan stated.

The CEO was seemingly referencing his previous claims that there is "an army of bots" programmed to defend WWE on social media. Khan then followed up by advertising some of the matches AEW has coming up, as well as promising an informative video package on tomorrow's "AEW Collision" for CMLL star Zeuxis, who will challenge Mercedes Mone for the TBS Championship on Wednesday's "AEW Dynamite."