Eric Bischoff Reveals Problem He Had While Running WCW That AEW Faces Today

The question of who "killed" WCW is still talked about, even today, and Eric Bischoff is often someone who many blame due to him leading the promotion when it fell. Bischoff hasn't ever downplayed his role in WCW's demise, and on his "83 Weeks" podcast, he listed some of his mistakes and how AEW seems to be facing the same issues today.


In hindsight, Bischoff claims there weren't any issues with the quality of talent he had in WCW, but if anything, there was too much of it and he couldn't keep them happy. "Talent becomes talent because they love to perform. Much like AEW probably now, in a way, where you've got too many talent that really want to perform, they're happy to get their check, but they're getting kinda miserable because they're not working." Bischoff suggested that once talent becomes uneasy, they start complaining among one another, leading to low morale. "I certainly had that issue in WCW as well."

AEW often gets compared to WCW, and when asked if he thinks they'll go down like his former promotion, Bischoff pointed out that AEW has yet to reach the heights that WCW reached in the '90s, but that he believes they won't lose their TV rights anytime soon. Despite this, he believes the company is making a huge mistake with how much talent they currently have. "All they do is television and pay-per-views. That's insanity — they're not even a wrestling company, they're a television production company," he said. "And to have that much talent under contract? And producing that little content?"


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