Adam Copeland: 'You're Welcome For My Stupidity' At AEW Double Or Nothing

At AEW Double or Nothing, Adam Copeland faced off against Malakai Black in a Barbed Wire Steel Cage, and leapt from the top of the cage, which unfortunately resulted in an injury for the 50-year-old star. Since then, Copeland has appeared on "Busted Open Radio," sharing what went through his mind and his regret in hindsight.


"You're welcome for my stupidity. It was less a leap and more a fall!" Copeland admitted. He then described what he calls the "albatross of the pro wrestler." "You get out there and you go 'Nah, I got this.' And your brain tells you 'Yeah, got it, no problem, sure. 15 Feet? Yeah.' And then, you know, once I land and I go 'Oh, but I'm 50! Huh.'"

Copeland recalled realizing he landed on the same leg he once tore his Achilles tendon on, but since it didn't seem like the same thing, he shrugged it off as an ankle sprain or bone bruise. He then went backstage, where the on-site medics attended to him, but he noted there was still no pain. However, visiting the emergency room made him realize how serious things were. "I walked out of the building, I walked straight into emergency, and they went 'What are you doing? Get off your foot, dumba**.' Like 'You have a broken leg.'"In hindsight, Copeland realizes that he simply wanted to go out there and give fans a show, but admitted he didn't have to leap off a Steel Cage to do that. "I think I could have got the same mileage if I had done it off the top rope. So, live and learn."


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