Booker T Reacts To NXT Champ Trick Williams' Offer Of Title Shot

Trick Williams has been riding high since capturing the NXT Championship from Ilja Dragunov at Spring Breakin' in April — so high that he recently offered to put the title on the line against two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, whose last singles match in WWE came in 2012. While Booker is extremely high on Williams and appreciative of the name-dropping, it doesn't sound like this cross-generational showdown will happen.


On "The Hall of Fame," Booker had some fun in responding to Williams' idea for a dream match, before laying out the bottom line. "I'm like Ronald Reagan, man. "I'm not gonna exploit my opponent's inexperience in this situation," Booker said, laughing. "[Trick] is getting ready to take over the world. I want to see that kid take over the world. I don't want to be in there trying to mix it up with this kid or anything like that. I mean, he is the future of this business. I want to be able to step aside and be that dude in the passenger seat navigating this kid's career to that next level."

While he said that it is true that he is in great shape and still in the gym every day, Booker emphasized that his routine there is just to stay healthy. While he appreciates the attention, he'd rather play the role of mentor to Williams, with whom he said he would gladly get in the ring, just not for a match. "I really appreciate networking with [Williams] and really being able to be a mentor to him," he explained. "I'm here for that kid in every way. If he needs me to get in the ring with him and just school him, I can do that. That's off-camera. That's all off-camera stuff, man."


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