Backstage Speculation On If WWE Might 'Steal' Jordynne Grace From TNA

TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace has stepped through the forbidden door into WWE twice already this year. First, she followed Mickie James' example by making a surprise cameo, belt-in-hand, at the Royal Rumble, but she will also challenge Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women's Championship this weekend at Battleground. With it being clear that WWE sees something in the TNA star, there have been natural questions over whether they intend to make her a fully-fledged Superstar. 


"I don't think they're going to steal her but I do believe that there may be a concerted effort between the two sides that likely will lead to Grace landing full-time in WWE at the end of her contract, if not sooner," PWInsider's Mike Johnson answered during a Q&A. "It is entirely possible that WWE could make an offer to buy out her contract."

It was noted that Grace's deal is expected to expire in the first quarter of 2025, so it's also possible that she will either work with both promotions or just TNA for the remainder of her deal and then negotiate a jump to WWE. Grace's working relationship with WWE is unique in that the promotion rarely brings outside talent in for individual appearances, much less a cameo and extended TV run. In fact, brands aside, Grace's path in WWE this year has mirrored the way AJ Styles was introduced in 2016 after exclusively signing. She will look to make history and become the first TNA-WWE double champion this weekend, after winning her singles debut over Stevie Turner on the June 4 episode of "WWE NXT."