Oba Femi Keeps WWE NXT North American Title (But Doesn't Pin Wes Lee) At Battleground

Oba Femi retained the WWE NXT North American Championship at Battleground by pinning Joe Coffey, leaving Wes Lee with a viable claim for a title shot at a later date. It was Femi's sixth title defense, determined to be a three-way by "WWE NXT" General Manager Ava after Coffey and Lee scored a double pin over Josh Briggs in a contender's match. Lee had previously earned an opportunity for the North American title in November last year, only to be sidelined with an injury until his return in May


The match itself saw a number of near-falls, with each competitor proving capable to take the win with the right move. Coffey stacked the odds against his opponents when his Gallus teammates, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey, emerged to interfere and run amok. However, Femi asserted his dominance over the entire melee, fighting off Gallus before getting back in the ring to finish things off with Lee and Coffey.

Late in the contest, Lee looked to have the match won after hitting the Cardiac Kick on Coffey, but Gallus pulled the referee out of the ring before he could count the three. Afterward, Femi hit a massive powerbomb on Lee before hitting another one on Coffey to score the pin and retain the title.