AEW's FTR Out Of Action Indefinitely Due To Dax Harwood Injury Suffered At Dynasty PPV

One of AEW's top tag teams will be shelved for an undetermined amount of time as FTR's Dax Harwood took to X to announce an injury he first suffered at Dynasty that he effectively hid from the medical staff and the powers that be, which will now force him to rest until further notice.


Just before 9pm ET (as many fans were settling into "WWE Raw), Harwood posted a video more than five minutes long explaining just what went down, along with the caption, "An explanation that I feel I owe everyone. The fans, my boss, the medical team, and the whole roster. I appreciate you all, and I hope to see you soon. Top Guys, out."

Harwood began with a disclaimer about the sometimes toxic world of social media, saying, "I know [there are] a lot of people, especially in the Twitter world, who don't really care for me too much and that's okay but I thought this was the best way that I could talk to the fans of AEW and the fans of FTR and finally get this off of my chest." He then apologized to AEW President Tony Khan, to AEW staff, and specifically to its medical staff, with whom he admitted not being up front about the origin and the nature of the injury, which he would go on to explain in detail. "[At Dynasty], I gave Matt Jackson a Piledriver, and when I landed, it messed my lower back up really bad and caused a severe hematoma that appeared on my lower back," he said. "As we know, that's where a brunt of the bumps go for a professional wrestler. I thought I could tough through it."


Top Guys out for a while

Obviously, being a part of a tag team means having responsibility toward a partner as well, and Harwood explained that this was at the forefront of his mind as to why he hid it for as long as he did. "I felt that FTR was on a momentum high there and I wanted to not take myself and Cash off of the road," Harwood said. But, following a match this past weekend with Blackpool Combat Club on "Collision," the hematoma blew up to "at the very least, the size of a football," according to Harwood and with that, the pain became far too much to handle.


"I felt that we were an important part to AEW," he added, "to 'Dynamite,' and obviously, more importantly, to 'Collision.' [but] I had to get an X-ray on my lower back and on my pelvis [and when I explained how long I'd been hiding it], Doc Sampson immediately took me off of the road."

At this point, Harwood detailed, failure to rest up properly could even potentially lead to an early retirement for the not-yet-40-year-old. "Obviously, I don't want that," he said, before noting that from this point forward, being completely honest with his bosses, and with the medical staff was of the utmost importance. "Unfortunately," Harwood leveled, "or maybe fortunately for some of you people that don't like FTR, myself and Cash will not be on television for a while." He ended the post with further apologies to Sampson and his medical team, and to Khan before saying he hoped to see everyone soon and, of course, FTR's trademark, "Top Guys, out."