WWE NXT Star Brooks Jensen Appears At Indie Show, Continuing Recent Storyline

WWE star Brooks Jensen has been causing some controversy of late, likely due to being upset with how he's been booked. Jensen has gone out of his way to get the attention of Shawn Michaels, the head of "WWE NXT" creative, even going as far as to cause a scene by confronting "NXT" commentators Booker T and Vic Joseph, leading to him being kicked out of the arena.


Jensen commented on being kicked out by posting a brief clip on social media, where he directly threatened Michaels, "NXT," and WWE by saying that he would "have his voice heard." The star seemingly took the first step to doing this, when he appeared at a Bull Pen Pro Wrestling event in Georgia. A fan recorded his appearance, and took to X to share the clip.

The "NXT" star has since acknowledged the clip, sharing it and questioning fans if they still think he's "working" them. It remains to be seen how far Jensen will go to get Michaels' attention and force the legend to book him better going forward. Jensen's frustration with WWE seems to be growing by the day, and after a recent hack that resulted in him losing access to his X account, he even blamed the promotion for orchestrating it. Outside of the world of kayfabe, the star is still confirmed to be signed to WWE at this stage, but with WWE's current deal with TNA, he might just be one of the wrestlers to make the jump in the opposite direction to continue playing into this story.