WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson Addresses Young Talent Asking Him For Advice

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson is no stranger to helping out younger talent. The legend, who was a manager, coach, and mentor in AEW since 2019, recently announced he'd be leaving his position in AEW to focus on spending time training his son, Brock, with the "limited time" he believes he has left in his wrestling career.


Anderson recently spoke to "Busted Open Radio," and said he still loves it when young talent asks him for advice, especially when they genuinely want him to critique their matches.

"If we don't pass the information on, they're not going to get it," Anderson said. "They're not going to get the storytelling and more important, the selling and how to get your character over so that when you say something people believe it. All those things that are outside of just, 'Tonight, I'm just going to fall out of the ceiling and if that's not big enough, next week I'm going on top of the building and I'm going to jump off the top of the building.' There's more to this business, and a lot more if you're going to connect and be long-term with the fans that understand you. And if you get over, it's because of the storytelling and most importantly, most importantly, selling."


Anderson's departure from AEW left many wondering if the Hall of Famer would return to WWE. He reminded everyone he's currently 65, and reiterated that he wants to help his son get into a position "where he can make a living" and contribute to whatever company that uses him. Anderson said they are currently driving between independent promotions for Brock to work.

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