Will Ospreay Uses Swerve Stomp Finisher To Retain AEW International Title On Dynamite

Will Ospreay took a shot at his Forbidden Door opponent while retaining his AEW International Championship, telling AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland that "AEW Dynamite" was "his house." Ospreay defeated Rey Fenix to retain his title on "Dynamite," and did so with Strickland's finisher.


Ospreay and Fenix started off the faced-paced match by trading blows and impressive counters. Toward the end of the match, Ospreay was able to hit Fenix with an O-Cutter. Fenix battled back, charging at Ospreay, before eating a strike. Ospreay then climbed to the top rope while Fenix was laid out below, looked at Strickland ringside, and hit the Swerve Stomp, then his own Hidden Blade for the victory.

Following Ospreay's title retention, Strickland got into the ring to stare him down. Ospreay offered his hand, but Strickland chose not to shake it, and got in his challenger's face instead. The World Champion told Ospreay he's "not strong enough" to hold both belts and turned to leave. Ospreay grabbed Strickland's World Championship and slung it over his shoulder, opposite his own titles. That earned him a whispered warning from Strickland, who then left the ring alongside Prince Nana. The pair stared each other down as "Dynamite" ended. Ospreay and Strickland will go head-to-head on June 30 in Long Island at Forbidden Door for Swerve's AEW World Championship.