Konnan Describes 'Acrimonious' Situation With WWE Hall Of Famer Eric Bischoff

Former WCW star Konnan revealed an argument he had with Eric Bischoff during their time in WCW, due to his displeasure with a storyline involving another Hall of Famer. 

Konnan, who was one of the former WCW stars to speak on VICE TV's "Who Killed WCW?" series, went into detail about the mindset of former WCW executive Eric Bischoff during this time.


"Eric isn't given enough credit for enough stuff that he did," Konnan said on "Busted Open Radio." "We're real good friends now. But he did make a lot of mistakes, you know. And you could see him getting burnt out. When Eric first came in, he was very accessible, very easy to work with ... [but] two, three years in, bro, we were butting heads all the f***ing time, like, me and him, personally."

Konnan said there was one storyline in particular that he and Bischoff clashed over, and it was one in which Konnan had no direct involvement in. "We went round for round for him taking off Rey Mysterio's mask when I told him not to do it," he said. "That was a big acrimonious situation between me and him."


WCW's decision to unmask Mysterio has been panned by fans and critics alike, not only because of the perceived disrespect toward Mexican lucha libre culture but also in terms of potential revenue lost as Mysterio's masks have been a steady seller at merchandise tables during his time with WWE. In subsequent years, Bischoff has defended his decision by saying he thought it would be more visually interesting to see more emotion conveyed on some of the luchadors' faces.