Otis Abandons Chad Gable, Sami Zayn Retains IC Title At WWE Clash At The Castle

Sami Zayn is still Intercontinental Champion and the tension within Alpha Academy grows stronger after Gable accidentally took out the injured ankle of Maxxine during his title match at Clash at the Castle. The crowd was rowdy from the start for Zayn, but Gable had his support with not just Maxxine, but Otis, ringside as well. 


Gable was in control for a good portion of the beginning of the match before getting out of the ring to grab the championship belt and hand it to Maxxine. He wanted her to hit Zayn with it when he was down in the ropes while Gable had the referee distracted, but Maxxine thought better of it. Gable then made her get onto the apron to reprimand her and Zayn went for a Helluva Kick and almost hit Maxxine. Gable hit a Chaos Theory off the distraction, but Zayn kicked out.

Gable got out of the ring to continue to berate Maxxine and Otis got in his face. Zayn capitalized by going to the top rope, but Gable pushed Otis into the way to take the brunt of the move. Gable then himself climbed to the top and hit a moonsault onto both Otis and Zayn, but missed a second moonsault on Zayn in the ring.


Back on the outside, Zayn tripped Gable and he took out Maxxine's ankle. Otis got angry and started to get in Gable's face once again, but his coach got back in the ring. Otis remained conflicted on the outside, with Zayn beside him, and he went to strike Zayn, but Maxxine called out for him. Otis picked up Maxxine, turned his back on Gable and walked up the ramp. Zayn hit the Helluva Kick while Gable was distracted and got the pinfall for the victory.