Madusa Commends Fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg For Admitting He Was Wrong

Goldberg is a crucial part of the second episode of VICE TV's "Who Killed WCW," where both his meteoric rise and his lack of formal training are touched upon. Bret Hart pulls no punches about Goldberg's hazardous ring style due to the way an errant kick ended his career, but others are more forgiving. Former WCW women's wrestler Madusa spoke on "Busted Open Radio" about why she thinks Goldberg is actually portrayed favorably in the documentary. 


"Is it his fault?" Madusa asked. "Who pushed him like a motherf***? No, it's not."

A scene from the second episode shows a match between Goldberg and Scott Hall where the former blows a spot and immediately becomes confused. Hall asks Goldberg what he's doing, and the latter responds that he doesn't know. According to Madusa, that demonstrated a great deal of nerve.

"For a man to be humbled and to f***in' bring it out and say, 'I don't know.' He didn't know! You know what, I applaud him... And then I hear all these comments about... how he's f***in' this and that. And I'm like, you know what? He's a bigger man than you to admit he's wrong, because I don't know too many men that can f***in' admit that they're wrong or be humbled or accept something. He went on national TV and said that... I commend him."


Scott Hall is one of several wrestlers that were rumored to have heat with Goldberg during the course of their career. But Madusa thinks he made the best with what he was given, and likened the situation to another WWE Superstar fans have seen more recently.  "Look what happened to Ronda Rousey for Christ's sake. They took her, they did the whole Brock [Lesnar] thing with her, and I feel that she did the best she could in what she had."

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