Why Eric Bischoff Thinks The AEW Product Is 'Lame'

Eric Bischoff is back doing what he does best — bashing AEW. Speaking on "83 Weeks," a listener asked Bischoff what he thought specifically about the name "All Elite Wrestling" compared to the more dominant-sounding names of the two companies clashing in the '90s during the Monday Night Wars.


"'AEW' sounds like a plumber's union or something," Bischoff said. "It just doesn't roll off the tongue the way it should. It doesn't have that presence when you hear it. It just doesn't work for me. Now maybe that's just because the product is so f***in' lame that it's lived up to the lameness of the company. I don't know."

In the past Bischoff has attacked AEW from practically every angle, from signing too many talent, their booking of returns and debuts, and, most notably, what he perceives as their complete lack of storytelling vision. He echoed this criticism once again.

"From a storyline point of view, that company is bleeding out on the table, and it needs triage," Bischoff said. "Right now your characters are all over the map... there's some great characters there, but there's some that aren't. There's a lot of them that are the same. 75% of that roster looks like they're there to f***in' change your tires." Bischoff also joked that the slogan for AEW should be "Where the Best Wrestlers in the World Can't Draw a Dime."


For all of Bischoff's criticisms, it's easy to forget that he's made two appearances for the company: he appeared as a debate moderator in a segment between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy on an August 2020 episode of "Dynamite," and appeared two months later to host a "townhall" segment between Chris Jericho and MJF.