What Bully Ray Wants To See Out Of Drew McIntyre & CM Punk Program In WWE

As Drew McIntyre and CM Punk forge forward toward an inevitable confrontation, with their mutual hatred bubbling over after Punk's latest interjection, screwing McIntyre at Clash at the Castle resulting in McIntyre's "quitting" WWE, next on the docket is a targeted act of violence from "The Scottish Psychopath," at least according to WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray.


On "Busted Open Radio," Bully and Dave LaGreca wondered aloud as to where things go next between McIntyre and Punk, with Friday's "WWE SmackDown" in Chicago looming large despite the former's kayfabe non-roster status. "If I'm Drew McIntyre," Bully said, "and I just quit, and I'm seething, I'm making sure I find my way into the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Friday night. I jump that rail and I beat the s*** out of CM Punk in his hometown."

Taking things a step further, even, Bully said that if he were in McIntyre's shoes, he'd "get arrested, the whole nine yards. I beat the s*** out of security, I fight cops, I make them call the dogs in. I become the biggest disrupter the WWE has ever seen." More specifically, Bully thinks McIntyre should hone in on the very injury from which it is anticipated Punk is about to be cleared; the injury that McIntyre himself caused at the 2024 Royal Rumble. "Jump the rail, go right back after the triceps. The minute [Punk] got cleared is the minute I'm going right back after that injury I caused in the first place. That's what I would do. That's what I would like to see."


A bad mother trucker

On Monday's "Raw," McIntyre began to address the crowd, but cut himself off abruptly as "CM Punk" chants began to build. He "quit" WWE, saying, "Screw this company," and walking out of the ring, up the ramp and through Gorilla Position, past the protesting voices of "Raw" GM Adam Pearce and WWE CCO Triple H. Bully said he would have liked to have seen something a bit different, had the segment been up to him.


"I would have visually played into the Punk chants just a little bit more," he said. "Maybe I would have just said, 'Really? Really?' [to encourage it] and then, I would have just said, 'I quit.'" Looking back on Clash at the Castle, Bully also had some constructive criticism for the way that confrontation went down after Punk refused to count to three as McIntyre attempted a pin on World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, centered around the difference in stature between the two adversaries. "The minute Drew got to his feet," Bully explained, "Punk should have kicked him in the balls. I didn't even want to see Drew get his hands on him because in my eyes, once Drew gets his hands on Punk, he should rip his head off. That's a legit bad mother trucker right there. He's 6'4", 275 jacked to the nines."


Moving forward, Bully sees Money In the Bank as where McIntyre should seek retribution against Punk, screwing him out of a potential title opportunity in the titular match, as opposed to this week on "SmackDown." " "If McIntyre screws Punk at Money In the Bank," he theorized, "you still have enough time to build towards SummerSlam. If Drew beats the s*** out of Punk on Friday, then where do you go? You've got a lot of weeks to cover."

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