WWE Hall Of Famer Bully Ray Explains The Mentality Of ECW: 'F*** You'

ECW is once again a topic of conversation following the latest episode of "Biopgraphy: WWE Legends" on A&E, where the meteoric rise and eventual downfall of the company was documented. Various ECW alumni were interviewed for the show, with archive footage of matches, promos, and even the famous rallying cry from Paul Heyman before their inaugural Barely Legal pay-per-view also being shown.


The Barely Legal speech is something that ECW legend Bully Ray touched on during "Busted Open Radio," stating that there are two simple words that personified the mentality of every ECW wrestler, fan, and Heyman himself. "[The mentality] could be summed up in two words. You know what those two words were? F**k you," Bully said. "That's it, that's how we felt about it, because we truly believed we were a revolution, a real revolution, and we were. Paul was an incredible leader, Paul had us hating WCW and the WWE. They were the enemy, and if he could make them out to be the enemy, we were going to fight harder and harder and harder. There wasn't a night that an ECW wrestler was not ready to go to war for that company."


ECW was always described as "the little engine that could" by both fans and people withing the wrestling business, as it was a promotion that had something truly special about it, but was simply too small to reach the same level as WCW or WWE. However, the belief that Bully talked about meant that people within ECW not only felt that they could reach that level, but surpass the enemy as well. ECW fans will get one more dose of hardcore action on A&E next week, as the season four finale will document the career of Rob Van Dam.

Please credit "Busted Open Radio" when using quotes from this article, and give a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.