WWE Legend The Undertaker Recalls Scary Time He Was On Fire At Elimination Chamber

The Undertaker has been through hell and back from an injury standpoint during his 30-year career. One injury that was particularly harrowing considering its suddenness and potential severity was when he was set ablaze by his own pyro at Elimination Chamber 2010. 


The WWE Hall of Famer talked about the incident with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," explaining how it happened and the aftermath.

"Yeah, that was pretty hairy," he said. "I stop at my normal spot, my head down, waiting to do the [arm] lift. The pyro ball on the left comes up, and it comes right up my left side... it's so hot. I will no-sell something as long as I possibly can until I can't take it. So I turned to my right to get out of the fireball and then [the right] one goes off. Now I'm right in it ... obviously everyone's freaking out and they're trying to cover for me. [The announcer says] 'He wants to get in this match. He is running to the ring.' So I come out of this pyro ball, and I can see that my hat is on fire, and my right sleeve is on fire."


He was fortunate that a last-minute decision to switch from his sleeveless "Hellraiser" coat to his long-sleeve duster gave him added protection from the flames. The Undertaker had plenty of time to burn with anger in the Chamber pod as he recalled a meeting he had with the pyro person two weeks prior, where he expressed concern about the pyro's placement. That fact that his concerns were not addressed made "The Deadman's" blood boil almost as quickly as his skin.

"I'm looking down and I'm watching the skin on my chest bubble up, it's blistering up and I'm getting madder and madder and madder. I said, 'Look if that dude is backstage when I get back, I'm gonna kill him.' And I totally meant it."