Why Eric Young Thinks TNA Used To Be The 'Nickelback Of Pro Wrestling'

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young has compared TNA Wrestling to Canadian rock band Nickelback, who are regularly subject to criticism.

TNA Wrestling's existence has been a rollercoaster ride over the last 20-plus years, with ownership changes resulting in fans and company personnel revolting, their struggles to land a TV contract, and low viewership and attendance adding to their woes. Young, during his appearance on "Brass Ring Media," said that it was in vogue to hate TNA, much like how people detested Nickelback.


"At one point in time, it was cliché to hate them [Nickelback] and say that to anybody that would listen, and I think TNA Wrestling was that at one point," said Young. 

TNA resurged with a new personality earlier this year that has given new passion to the promotion. Young talked about the current state of TNA, highlighting an important achievement that has kept the promotion relevant. "I think it's definitely found its place. I think the other part of that is 'Impact' as a television show has been on network television for 20 years. It's an insane accomplishment, an insane one."

Young stated that TNA was never the big dog on the block or used large arenas like WWE, but proudly stated that fans often feel that they get their money's worth after a TNA show. "The truth is they're always trying to go. In this company, like any company, has had ebbs and flows. But, right now, in the last year or two, there really does feel like there's this really positive momentum," Young concluded.


TNA, who has been a tenacious and strong — albeit small — competitor to WWE, has now gone from foe to friend as the two promotions have embarked on a talent exchange agreement, which could work in the favor of TNA.

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