Lex Luger Says There's 'Unlimited Upside' With This WWE Star

WCW and WWE alum Lex Luger recognizes talent with star power, having had it himself in his prime. On his "Lex Expressed" podcast, he talked about why he thinks big things are in store for Bron Breakker.


"Unlimited upside," Luger said. "[Bron] put his time in learning his craft, and now he's up with the big boys. I just like seeing him hit the ropes at 23 miles-per-hour... He's explosive. He's special. [But] they have to be careful... I think there's something to be learned with Brock Lesnar, that kind of character. They could do something special with Bron."

Luger said he believes WWE needs to take a firmer stance on how it wants to portray Breakker to the audience, and thinks it would actually benefit the character to be less giving in the ring.

"I don't feel that they've told him how to sell yet," Luger said. "Since he just came up there, he wants to sell really good for the guys he's working with. I think he's gotta find a middle ground there where he's almost a monster. And he's gotta sell, but not too much, and when he does sell, sell legit, but don't oversell. I think they've gotta learn to balance him with that. And sometimes you just gotta smash him over certain guys... his matches have to match what they're trying to turn him into."


Luger isn't the only veteran who feels this way about the rising star. Hulk Hogan thinks Breakker can be WWE's next "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or The Rock, as he has the it factor that's defined the industry's biggest names. Breakker has been booked strongly on the WWE main roster since making his debut in April, without suffering any televised pinfall losses.

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