DSOTR Producer Evan Husney Explains Most Difficult Part Of Making Series

"Dark Side of the Ring" producer Evan Husney has discussed the major challenges that he has faced while filming the show.

The show recently concluded its fifth season, with a total of 50 episodes of "Dark Side of the Ring," and many more stories yet to be told. However, getting those stories to be told can prove difficult as co-creator of the show Husney recently told "Fightful's" Sean Ross Sapp that getting certain people to agree to be part of the show can be the most challenging process. He also suggested that some episodes fans have been requesting haven't been made because of this reason.


"Oh, yeah. I won't say which ones just because you never know. Someday, they may become possible. But, yeah, access is probably the hardest part of what we do, in terms of getting access to certain stories, and when I say that, mostly not wrestlers. Access to people who are kind of beyond the wrestling industry that have to do with these stories. Yeah, there's several that we tried to do in earnest," said Husney. "I always tell people, when I see the comments from people suggesting episodes to us, when we ask people what they want to see or they send us DMs, we've pretty much considered almost every single possible episode you can think of. So if you haven't it already, there's probably a reason for it or another."


Since 2019, Vice TV's "Dark Side of the Ring" has given fans a detailed look at some of professional wrestling's most notorious stories. Popular topics like The Montreal Screwjob, the death of Chris Benoit, and the steroid trials of the '90s have been featured on the show, while also giving the spotlight to some lesser-known tales of people like Johnny K-9, Chris Adams, and Herb Abrams.

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