AEW's Mercedes Mone Discusses Relationship With Cousin Snoop Dogg

AEW TBS Champion Mercedes Mone has delved into her relationship with her cousin, the WWE Hall of Famer and multi-Platinum rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Mone spoke to "Hot 97" ahead of her AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door victory over Stephanie Vaquer, during which she was asked about her kinship with the rapper. Mone explained that Snoop Dogg was her father's nephew, thus they were cousins, but it wasn't something she learned right away. 


"So I was born in '92, and that's when Snoop's album came out, so I didn't really know he was famous until I was like nine years old," she started, referring to Snoop Dogg's first studio album "Doggystyle" which released in 1993. "He came to Iowa and my mom's like, 'We're going to a Snoop Dogg concert, he's your cousin,' I go, 'What? He's my cousin?'"

Mone recalled telling her peers at school about the revelation, but nobody believed her. She described asking her cousin to help her prove her case at a concert, receiving a box of signed t-shirts which she smugly handed out to her peers and her teacher. Over time, Mone said that she and Snoop Dogg found a bond through wrestling. 

"He took me to my first ever WrestleMania when I was 16 years old," she recalled. "He's like, 'Dang, you really love this,' I'm like, 'I want to be a wrestler,' he goes, 'If you want to be a wrestler I believe you, you're going to do this one day.' Fast forward 10 years later, he's walking me down the ramp at WrestleMania 32, he's talking about me in his Hall of Fame speech, he's making my theme song and rapping on it. He's always there anytime I need for support, for any advice, he's the greatest of all time and I'm so thankful he's legit blood."