Rob Van Dam On Triple H's 'Unfair Advantage' Of Being Both WWE Talent And Executive

Paul "Triple H" Levesque has been the Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative of WWE for nearly two years and has received positive reception for his long term storytelling as well as quality of week-to-week television. However, WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has recently shared that "The Game" wasn't as adored as he is now, especially in the locker room due to the superiority he had as both a WWE talent and Executive when he was still competing in the ring. On "1 Of A Kind," Van Dam blamed Triple H for halting certain wrestlers from being pushed or elevated to the next level, but did admit that having more authority backstage was not an easy position to be in.


"Hunter was in a position where he's both office and at the same time he's talent," Van Dam explained. "So that's a hard position to be in as far as [how you will be perceived by] the others as if you have an unfair advantage of pushing yourself over them of getting ahead, maybe with less talent than would be required and to put the breaks on other people's pathways ... a lot of wrestlers will say the reason that they were stopped was because of Triple H because he was either jealous or just because he's with the boss's daughter."

Van Dam also mentioned that he thinks Triple H didn't believe he was a good investment professionally for WWE as he went into detail about the 14-time World Champion voting against him when it came to elevating his character.


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