WWE Champ Cody Rhodes On Post-WrestleMania Blues, Task Following Title Win

Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes has opened up about having "post-WrestleMania blues" after defeating Roman Reigns and finishing his story. Speaking on "The Pivot Podcast," Rhodes was asked what else he would need to accomplish in addition to defeating Reigns in order to solidify himself on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling, explaining that he always prefers to have a task or goal set ahead of him in order to remain focused. 


"There's even like a post-WrestleMania blues psychology-wise like what's the next thing? So I always need a task; what's my specific task? And that's an area where I look to Steve Austin and I look to John Cena who are the lead dogs and this is not me in my ego, I have this [the championship], so I'm currently in front of the pack, right? I'm the lead dog, as long as I have this. I want to make sure that my numbers — and it's not the most emotional goal or anything — but I want to make sure my numbers and stats match theirs or supersede theirs because you can't argue with that."

After failing to conquer the "Tribal Chief" at WrestleMania 39, Rhodes spent an entire year working his way back to having another opportunity to dethrone Reigns. He eventually won the Royal Rumble for a second year in a row to earn a second chance. Fortunately, he was able to realize his dream at WrestleMania 40, but it seems that he wants to find a new challenge to sink his teeth into.


Rhodes also mentioned that John Cena feels the same way about always wanting a driving force in the business. Furthermore, he proves that every time he returns to competition or adds more gold to his name. 

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