Injury Update On AEW Star Eddie Kingston

It's safe to say that Eddie Kingston has been missed, both by AEW and the wrestling world at large, ever since he fractured his leg in a match against Gabriel Kidd at New Japan Resurgence in May. But while the road to recovery still has a ways to go, fans can at least take some solace that Kingston is one step closer to getting back in the ring.


On Instagram earlier this afternoon, Kingston posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed, where he flashed his hand signal and could be seen sporting a scruffy beard. "The Mad King" announced that "it's done," referring to the surgery, and asked his followers "what's up?!" Shortly after, PWInsider confirmed that Kingston's surgery had been a success, with the only complication being that the procedure took place a day later than originally expected.

Those who have been following updates on Kingston's injury closely will recall that, despite being injured back in May, the former AEW Triple Crown Champion wasn't able to get surgery at the time due to the severity of the fracture. As such, doctors instead had Kingston rehab his injured leg, allowing it to heal naturally, before going under the knife. Despite the hardship, Kingston's spirit has remained positive, with a singular focus on getting back into the ring.


As previously reported, recovery time for Kingston will take up to ten months, meaning he would be set to return to AEW and New Japan in May 2025, barring any setbacks. This scenario would mean that Kingston would miss up to one year in the ring, the longest amount of time Kingston will have missed during his 22 year career.