Bully Ray & Mark Henry Discuss Idea Of WWE's John Cena Breaking World Title Record

Ever since John Cena made the announcement that 2025 would be his last year as an in-ring competitor, discussions have mounted as to whether he should be booked to break Ric Flair's 16-time World Championship record. On "Busted Open Radio," Bully Ray said he's rather indifferent to the idea. "Do we want to see John Cena sit atop the mountain top, alone, breaking Ric Flair's record?" Bully pondered. "I don't know. Maybe Cena has enough respect for Flair to leave it as it is right now ... Does the championship really mean anything around John Cena's waist? And if they were to put the championship around John Cena's waist, who defeats John Cena to become that bigger star?"


Bully said Cena doesn't need another world title to be considered the greatest WWE champion of all time, because he already is that. But he argued that to be regarded the greatest champion of pro wrestling as a whole, you need to have wrestled beyond one company, which Flair has done. "Unless you've done it all, over the world, you cannot make the claim of being the greatest of anything of all time," Bully added.

Bully's "Busted Open" counterpart Mark Henry — an old rival of Cena — said that he sees the value in propping up Cena as "the greatest," because Cena is of the age where he can continue to be a positive ambassador for the company for the next 20 years. Flair, on the other hand, is 75 years old. "It's about the business of WWE, and the legacy of WWE," Henry said. "It's about the money, it's about the draw, the promotion of the business above the individual. And John Cena is a very valuable piece when it comes to marketing and promoting the future [and] the history of the brand."


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