Ricky Starks Addresses Getting AEW Tag Title Shot Ahead Of FTR

Ricky Starks is not one to pass up a good opportunity.

Starks recently spoke to Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman and was asked about he and Powerhouse Hobbs essentially cutting the line and getting a shot at the AEW World Tag Team Championship before #1 ranked —and presumed #1 contenders — FTR.

"I love FTR. I think FTR is great," Starks began, saying "it's bizarre" that FTR got "skipped over," That said, Starks also doesn't feel it's his job to worry about FTR. "Who am I to really give up my opportunity?" he asked. "I got it."

Starks feels that "it does suck" that FTR aren't getting the shot yet, and he understands their issues with the situation. "They're the number one contenders and we're right there underneath them. We skipped the line."

Starks credits Team Taz's opportunity to two things. Firstly, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil," but secondly, and as Starks sees it, more prominently, "FTR has had their plate pretty full," as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are currently tag champions in AAA, ROH, and NJPW.

"They have been very, very, very busy," Starks said of FTR's recent penchant for belt collecting. "Keep in mind, when it came to Jurassic Express and me and Hobbs, and Swerve, FTR was also busy at that time."

The FTW Champion said the entire issue comes down to timing.

"We can't just wait," he said, "We can't just not have these contendership matches, because someone is number one contender, but they're busy with something. We have to move on to the next person."

Starks is not unsympathetic to the other tag team, though. "Once we win the titles tonight," he said confidently, "I promise this on my life — they got first shot. I don't care what anyone else says. I'm giving them the first title shot."