William Regal Defends WWE NXT UK Talent's Pay And Treatment

"NXT UK" is the second version of the "NXT" brand, having debuted in 2018 while the original "NXT UK" Champion, Tyler Bate, was crowned in early 2017. Prior to the birth of the UK brand, Bate had lost the "NXT UK" Title to the man he beat in the finals to become the inaugural champion, Pete Dunne, at "NXT" Takeover: Chicago in 2017. Since Dunne lost the title, there have been two subsequent champions, WALTER, who beat Dunne, and Ilja Dragunov, who beat WALTER. Dragunov was recently forced to relinquish the title due to injury, so "NXT UK" crowned a new champion at a recent set of tapings.

Though he was not directly involved onscreen with "NXT UK" during his time in WWE, William Regal, along with others such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels, had a hand in helping UK talents out one way or another. Regal is no longer with WWE, as he was released in January 2022 as part of budget cuts the company made and an effort to get a fresh feel at "NXT." Former NXT UK referee Artemis spoke out a few weeks ago about how she believed that the pay in NXT UK was not where it should be, but Regal has a quite different take on the subject.

William Regal thinks NXT UK wrestlers are treated fairly

"They all got paid weekly wage," former "NXT" General Manager William Regal said on "Gentleman Villain." "They all got the best training, they're all better for being there, they're all better for being there, they'll all tell you that ... I know there is myths out there about how "NXT UK" started ... I'm telling you the truth ... "NXT UK" was formed in the mind of Triple H 10 years ago." Later on the podcast, Regal discussed what he believes "NXT" originally set out to change in the wrestling world.

"The whole point of "NXT" was to try to change, you hear about the culture of "NXT," was to change as much of the carny nonsense that goes on in wrestling, was to change that, that we're all polite athletes that you can be proud to be of and not, 'Oh my God these are carnied up wrestlers.' You can all take this how you want and if you want to get offended I don't care. Come and take it out on me if you want." Regal's son, Charlie Dempsey, currently wrestles on the "NXT UK" brand and is part of a faction alongside Teoman and Rohan Raja known as Die Familie.

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