Renee Paquette Recalls Vince McMahon Screaming At Her On WWE Headsets About Call He Didn't Like

Renee Paquette made history in 2018 by becoming the first woman to call an entire episode of "WWE Raw" as part of the commentary team. The reception was positive enough that about a month later, Paquette etched her name into the history books again by being promoted to the role of WWE's first full-time female commentator, appearing each week beside Corey Graves and Michael Cole on "WWE Raw." Unfortunately, this would only continue for about a year before Paquette shifted her focus to co-hosting "WWE Backstage" on Fox Sports alongside WWE alums like current AEW World Champion CM Punk.

When talking with Brian Gerwitz about her experiences in WWE on the latest installment of "The Sessions With Renee Paquette," she recalled some of the most challenging aspects of the gig.

"There was times that Vince would for sure be in my ear, but I'll tell you what was really rough about that was hearing him," Paquette said. "There were so many times where I'm like, 'Could you repeat that again?' Like, I just couldn't hear him. I don't know if that was a me problem, I don't know if it was him mumbling, but there were definitely times where he was talking to me, but I could not tell you what he was trying to get me to say."

But Paquette's negative experiences on the job only grew worse over time. She echoed what several former WWE staff members have said before her, claiming that McMahon yelled at her during a 45-second segment that required her to keep talking to the camera. "He kind of gave me s*** for something ... I can't remember what — I think it might have been during a Firefly Funhouse bit, which is a mouthful, to begin with," Paquette recalled.