Booker T Did Not Understand One Set Of Vince McMahon's Rules

Booker T says he never understood why Vince McMahon set rules in place that prohibited commentators from saying certain words.

"I might say the strap," said Booker on his podcast "Hall of Fame". "I might say the belt, I might not say the heavyweight championship, I may not say the world title just because I didn't come from that side of the street. When I get it and I figure it out, I might start talking like that, but until I get it, I want to keep my personality with the crowd."

Booker worked as a color commentator for WWE from 2011 until 2015. He recalled the time that he was told to say "chagrin" while on the air, stating that he felt like he was going to lose all of his street credit with fans because the word wasn't in his usual vocabulary, but he understood that there are certain things that backstage officials want to be their way.

Booker also revealed that the reason he calls his promotion Reality of Wrestling by its full name is that he wants to differentiate it from WWE. He said that they had the market cornered when it came to the approach of three letters.

"For us, it's a marketing tool also because when you say Reality of Wrestling, you might think it's a reality show so I say, 'Let's just try to capitalize off that.' I don't mind if my guys say belt or fan or any other word."

Booker can still be seen as a panelist on WWE kickoff shows before major events.

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