WWE Reportedly Eases Policy On Several Forbidden Terms

While WWE's talented roster of pro wrestlers will still be referred to as "Superstars" going forward, the new regime led by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Triple H is reportedly open to the idea of talents using the terms "wrestler" and "wrestling" on air.


According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, talents were previously instructed to never use the two forbidden words without receiving authorization. However, the terms are no longer considered "dirty words" and almost everyone backstage in WWE is thrilled by the new policy.

In previous years, the rebellious CM Punk would often use the two terms on air, but he had likely received the go-ahead to do so. Similarly, Cody Rhodes refused to use WWE's time-honored verbiage upon returning to the company earlier this year, referring to "Superstars" as "Wrestlers" and "Titles" as "Championship Belts" during a Miz TV segment. However, it was later confirmed that Rhodes going against the grain and doing things his way is a trait of his American Nightmare persona. In fact, Rhodes acknowledged this aspect of his character recently, emphasizing that he'd gladly pay a $1000 fine each time to use a banned word on WWE TV.


Besides easing the ban on several no-no words, Triple H & Co. have made several other changes backstage that has left the WWE roster feeling more optimistic than ever, per Meltzer.

For starters, talents backstage are loving the "positive and fresh vibe" instilled by the new WWE regime, and Triple H has been described as someone who genuinely cares about the wrestlers. Furthermore, the women wrestlers believe "there is going to be more focus on them" compared to the previous regime led by Vince McMahon.

While there are also some talents who are reportedly "nervous" about holding onto their spot, the overall feeling is one of excitement and positivity. There are others who are taking a "wait-and-see attitude" as to the direction of the new WWE. Meltzer also noted that the backstage atmosphere has been described as "relaxed and calmer" under the new management.

The Observer's report seemed to echo a previous report from PWInsider which noted that Triple H is "loosening up" restrictions as it pertains to scripted promos and matches, allowing talents to improvise more.

Triple H took over as WWE's Head of Talent Relations and Head of Creative last month. His first major show as the go-to person in Gorilla position was last weekend's SummerSlam, which was widely praised by fans and wrestlers alike.