Becky Lynch Working On Big Project While Recovering From Injury

Every injury has a silver lining, or so it would appear in the case of Becky Lynch.

In an Instagram Live session Tuesday with her husband Seth Rollins, former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz and The Rock, Lynch revealed she's planning to use her time away from the ring productively and wisely — by penning down a memoir of her wrestling career.

According to Lynch, she's been working on the autobiography for a while, and being on the shelf — and reading Gewirtz's new book, "There's Just One Problem...." — has provided her with ample inspiration to finish what she started.

"It's such a great book," Lynch told Gewirtz of his new book. "You've done such an incredible job. I'm still writing mine and I'm really happy that when mine comes out, at least it won't be in direct competition with yours. [Yours] is so well-written and hilarious."

At this point, both Gewirtz and The Rock expressed their enthusiasm to read Lynch's book.

"When do you think you'll be done with that?" The Rock asked The Man.

"Hopefully in the next couple of months," Lynch responded. "Now that I got a bad wing, I got a little bit more time to dedicate to it."

The Rock then asked Lynch to provide an update on her recovery from shoulder injury.

"Oh good, yeah," Lynch said emphatically. "I feel like I've gotten a bunch more mobility in it [torn shoulder]. Because when it happened it was so painful that I was like, 'Oh no, I'm gonna be out for a long, long time.' But now it's healing up real quick. I'm feeling strong, I'm feeling good. So I'm hoping it won't be much time at all."

Lynch is expected back in time for her rumored match against Ronda Rousey at next year's WrestleMania 39. The Man has already begun to sow the seeds for a bout that is more than three years in the making. According to a WWE press release, Lynch "is expected to be out for several months."