Shawn Michaels Suggests Fans Will See Big Change In How NXT Talent Transitions To WWE's Main Roster

In recent years, under the Vince McMahon regime in WWE, when "NXT" wrestlers were called up to either "WWE Raw" or "WWE SmackDown," there was a pretty decent chance that they would see a character change, or simply not have a long term plan from the creative team when they made the transition. However, with Paul "Triple H" Levesque now in charge of main roster creative and longtime friend Shawn Michaels in charge of creative for "NXT," that process could be changing.

"Someone who is someone in NXT can now move up to the main roster, be recognized as the same person, talk about coming from NXT, and perhaps blending immediately into a storyline with someone who was previously in NXT," Michaels said during an appearance on "WrestleRant." "I absolutely think that communication is clearly going to be there, those transitions should be more seamless and more comfortable, and also the readiness of the talent going up."

Levesque and Michaels have been friends for decades, their relationship dating back to the 1990s. In the past few years, both men were a part of the creative team for "NXT" during its "black and gold" days. As "NXT" was rebranded to "NXT 2.0," Michaels took over creative due to Levesque suffering a major health scare he's since recovered from. Since Levesque became the new head of creative and EVP of Talent Relations due to Vince McMahon's retirement and John Laurinaitis' release, we've already seen the return of Karrion Kross, a former "NXT" talent whose character was changed on the main roster, and former "NXT" stars like Kevin Owens going back to the characters they performed on the "NXT" brand.

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