The Rock Recalls Seth Rollins' Profane Reaction After The Shield Hit Him With Their Triple Powerbomb

While fans are desperate to see The Rock and Roman Reigns collide at some point in the future, the two men have physically interacted in the past during the "Tribal Chief's" days in The Shield. The Hounds Of Justice attacked the People's Champion on the January 21 episode of "Raw" back in 2013, and the three rising stars were able to make their mark in a major way. 

"You know what was really cool, was when The Shield attacked me before WrestleMania, and then powerbombed me," The Rock recalled during a Seven Bucks Productions Instagram Live that also included Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. "I remember Seth, I was on Roman's shoulders, and Seth in particular threw me down so hard on that mat, busted my blood vessels, blood started coming up out of my mouth. Roman looked down and was like, 'you okay Uso?' Called me brother in Samoan, and before I could answer Seth was like, 'Who gives a s**t,' and he walked away."

Rollins then chimed in and recounted his side of the situation, even though Lynch claimed that he "said he regretted nothing." "You know this was 10 years ago, I don't have a full recollection of this memory, we did powerbomb you twice, once in the dark through a table, and then another time we made you bleed your own blood," he said. "I'm not sure which one was which, there's a lot of things that happen in the heat of the moment, you know, it is what it is." While Reigns vs. Rock remains a top fantasy match-up, interactions like this prove Rock vs. Rollins could also be an exciting pairing.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit Seven Bucks Productions with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.